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Information about of our site

Dear visitors!
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the pages of my site, where I would like to tell you about Tashkent city and great people who live there. Besides that, I would like to disclose to you Tashkent as a center of aquarium movement in Central Asia.
It sounds like a fiction – talking about reach underwater world in a place where water is rather a rare case, but… It is not so!
There are many places in the world where different exotic tank habitants are bred on a professional basis. These are countries like, for instance, Thailand, Malaysia and some other Africa and Latin America countries. But from now you will be aware of one country more, and this country is Uzbekistan.
How could this happen? Thanks to Tashkent specialists – tropical fish and plants breeders. Actually, this has become possible thanks to Tashkent specialists in breeding and growing of tropical fish and plants. They manage to breed more than a hundred different aquarium habitants. Many fish and plant species are considered to be rare and valuable and this fact is the reason of pride for Tashkent specialists.
Please take a look at the pictures of African cichlids and keep in mind that all these fish on the picture are being bred by only one specialist! However, there are more than a hundred amateurs who steadily breed different aquarium species.
There are 2 large zoo markets and more than 30 pet shops functioning in our city, where you can find a wide range of zooproducts from fish plants to equipment, tanks and feed-stuff.
Thus I decided to present and tell the world about such an interesting business as keeping and breeding aquarium inhabitants. So, internet project named AquaTropic.uz - Tashkent Aquarium Site has appeared. While designing it I was hoping that my visitors will find the information presented here interesting and useful, and many people allover the world will become acquainted with the society of Tashkent aqua-breeders.
Though I am not a professional breeder, I have been involved in this fascinating business for more than 20 years. My primary field is lecturing in Tashkent University of Information Technologies; however, tropical fish is the most exciting hobby in my life.
Dear friends! My site is designed in Russian language and this page is just a short presentation for English speaking visitors. Nevertheless, I believe that you will find it interesting to look through the galleries of AquaTropic.uz where wonderful inhabitants of Tashkent aquariums are depicted. I also hope that you would send me your proposals, or possibly questions, which I will definitely answer and provide you with all information you need, with pleasure.
I would be glad to come into contact with specialists in Europe and America for a possible cooperation in different fields like aqua-keeping, web-design and science.
I am ready to share with you all information about Tashkent and zoo-business thriving here. I will be looking forward to getting any messages from you.

Vladislav Gubenko
/translated by Alexander Azizov/

Tashkent city
Tashkent city
Tashkent city
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